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by Raj Kewalrams 05 Jun 2024

We all can iron, but how well can you iron?

Is laundry chaos giving you anxiety? Ironing clothes can be the most daunting of household chores. We’ve all gone through that frustration of, ‘I’ve been at this for so long, why does it still look crumpled?’. If only there was a magic button that we could press for everything to be ironed in a blink of an eye.

We’re here to help steer you in the right direction with five smart ironing hacks you need to incorporate in your life for crisp, wrinkle-free clothes.

  • Invest in a good iron and steady ironing board

Investing in recommended and well-trusted brands is half the battle won. We love our range of BLACK+DECKER irons that work magic in getting results. Check them out here. Also, make sure you get yourself a good, steady ironing board with well-padded, smooth, heat-resistant cover. Always make sure to use the whole ironing board while ironing.

  • Steam is your friend

An iron should be comfortable in your hands. It should also have a high steam output (over 50g/minute) to help maximize the iron’s crease-removing capabilities. If you have a lot of ironing to do, we recommend investing in a steam iron with enough water capacity.

  • Clean your iron regularly

Everyone’s biggest nightmare is your iron leaving marks. Irons, like all other appliances, need to be maintained well, by cleaning regularly. You can clean your iron with bicarbonate soda, q-tips, or equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water. Use a clean cloth to wipe it down.

  • Iron clothes inside out wherever possible

If you’ve notice a slight sheen on your dark clothes after ironing, then you might want to consider ironing inside out. The sheen is caused by the heat of the iron. Iron inside out to avoid the sheen and keep your clothes fabulous for longer.

  • Don’t iron in circles

We’ve probably seen our parents iron in circles. Contrary to what we’ve seen, ironing in circles actually causes scratches to your clothes, and can ruin them. Instead, iron in long straight strokes in one direction. This will also prevent the fabric from stretching.

Follow these hacks to master those stubborn creases and make ironing fun again!

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