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by Raj Kewalrams 14 Feb 2024

Men, if 2020 has taught us anything — it’s that we can teach ourselves how to tame our frizzy beards just like how our barbers would. Beard maintenance is everything!

Keeping your beard in check not only makes you look great and stylish, but it also helps the hair stay healthy. Knowing how to trim your beard is the steppingstone to your most basic facial haircare routine.

When you go to your barber, keep an eye out and learn a few things. Then it’ll be easy to understand how to maintain the look once you have a style in place. And after that you don’t have to rely on your barber for every trim!

To help you out, we’re sharing seven tips to keep your beard stylish and fabulous, just like you.

This one’s obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times it’s overlooked. Before going in with a trimmer, you must start with wetting your beard. Give it a good wash. This will help clean, soften your facial hair, and make it easy to cut and style. Lather up your beard, rinse, and towel dry. Remember, you need your beard damp, not soaking wet.

Now, while your beard is damp, make sure you brush or comb it out (not too hard) to remove any tangles and keep an eye on those fly aways. For long beards, brush in downward strokes.

You don’t need a trimmer for this part, a pair of scissors will do the trick. Flyways stick out separately from the beard. It’s easy to spot them after you’ve combed or brushed your beard. Take your scissors and cut them bit by bit. Make sure you don’t get too close to your beard.

It’s time to get the big boy tools out. Invest in a good trimmer. Trust us, it’ll last you a long time and make life easier. Using a beard trimmer with adjustable length guards makes it quite easy to the adjust the length of your beard evenly. If you’ve done it before — then you know which guard to use. If it’s your first time, we recommend you start with the higher guards and work your way down till you’ve reached your desired length.

Hold the trimmer at a 90-degree angle to your face and steadily move the trimmer down in a straight line. If you trim against the beard, you might end up thinning it. Going in the direction of growth helps it to look fuller and cover a patch.

Here are our top three trimmer recommendations, available at Kewalram:

Wahl 09899–927, Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Dry Lithium-Ion Deluxe Trimming and for Shaving, Detailing & Grooming (Shop here)

Perfect for the amateur home stylist who’s not afraid to experiment with their beard. This kit is the complete package for cutting, trimming, detailing, shaving, and styling with T-blade attachment to style beard lines.

Wahl, 09855–1227-Groomsman Pro All in One Trimmer (Shop here)

Works great as an easy and flexible grooming kit for your daily needs of maintaining the light stubble and trim nose, ear and neck hair.

Wahl, 1050–0410-Lithium-Ion Total Beard Grooming (Shop here)

This is a fully fleshed out grooming kit, complete with multiple length guards and comb adjustments to cut, trim and maintain any beard type of all lengths.

Never forget the neckline of your beard — it’s essential in any beard trim. The rule of thumb is to have your beard neckline slightly above your Adam’s apple. Use your trimmer without the guard to etch a line from your Adam’s apple to the corners of your jaw. Then shave all the hair below it.

For your cheeks, shave any hair that’s high up on your cheekbones. If you want a more defined look, follow the same principle used for your neck — a trimmer without a guard to draw a line from the corners of your mouth to your sideburns (make sure you follow the curve of your cheekbones). Then shave anything above it.

Trim your beard with a precision trimmer, shaving against the grain for best result. Always make sure to comb against the grain.

Use the same guard you used for your beard and use the trimmer in a downward motion to trim the mustache. Going against it will make it too short.

Invest in a good beard balm or beard oil. Smooth it on your beard and comb it out again, and then pat it into shape. You’re good to go!

Try these tips the next time your beard needs styling. Once you’ve gotten your beard style right, we guarantee you’ll be ready to take on the world looking, feeling, and being your best.

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