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by Raj Kewalrams 14 Feb 2024

If the pandemic has taught us anything, we all have hidden hairstyling and hairdressing skills!

Hopefully, you’ve successfully nailed the technique to look your best. For many of us- selecting a good hair clipper can be pretty daunting — cord or cordless, what kind, what do the combs mean? We know the questions keep coming. If you’re looking to take it up a notch (precisely how your hairstylist does it), investing in the perfect pair of clippers is the right way.

There are many different kinds of hair clippers, and in this blog, we’re going to discuss what features you need to look for.

Here are five top tips to keep in mind when shopping for a new hair clipper.

Tip 1: Cord Vs Cordless

The hair clippers we love and trust generally come in two forms- cord and cordless. For the apparent reason of being plugged into an outlet, a corded clipper is more powerful and can be used longer because it doesn’t depend on a battery.

A cordless clipper is rechargeable and more flexible

(you can choose to have your haircut anywhere in the house and not be restricted to a power outlet). It’s convenient, but you need to charge your hair clipper.

Tip 2: Accessories are key

A good home hair clipper must come with essential accessories: blade oil, cleaning brush, guard combs, shears, small trimmer attachments, scissors, and a comb.

The hair clipper you want to invest in should ideally come with these attachments and accessories. Trust us, it helps reduce your stress of messing up your haircut.

Tip 3: Blades are everything!

The logic is simple- to give yourself a good haircut, the quality and sharpness of your hair clipper’s blades are essential things to take into account. The blades’ quality and sharpness are necessary to achieve a great haircut.

We love Wahl so much because Wahl blades are made from high carbon steel. This means you can be sure that they stay sharper and are precision ground for the best cutting performance.

Tip 4: Guide Combs

You’ve probably noticed that every hair clipper comes with a set of guide combs. These guide combs typically range from №0.5 (3mm) to №8 (25mm) with left & right ear taper combs that help you move around the ears more easily.

Each comb has a number, representing the length of hair left on the head after the clipper has passed over it.

Tip 5: The kind of motor is important

Maintaining your hair clipper is extremely important if you want it to be your best friend for a couple of years. Now, the way to do this is to take care of its motor. We like to call the motor ‘ the powerhouse of the clipper’.

For the car geeks, let’s make a comparison- Like the engine of your car, the motor of the hair clipper also propels the blades, which in turn gives you a salon-style haircut. The three types of motors for the clippers are magnetic, pivot, and rotary. If you’re planning to have a big haircut- whether wet or dry, then a rotary motor-powered clipper is your best bet.

We hope these tips will help you pick the suitable hair clipper for you and avoid giving yourself a haircut you’d regret!

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