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by Rashid Muhammed 28 Nov 2023

There’s something special about Casio wearers. Many celebrities worldwide adorn the classic rather than having a glamourous luxury watch. That’s right- Casio watches have a long-standing fanbase for being one of the most reliable, with top points for functionality, looks and quality.

Let’s deep dive into the Casio pieces celebrities we love, wear, and why. Maybe you’ll want one too.

And we can help you with that.

Ryan Gosling — Casio A168W-1

Early in his career, Ryan Gosling sported the classic Casio A168W-1, the watch with the most straightforward yet compelling features- daily alarm, hourly time signal, and auto calendar.

In the movie ‘The Big Short’, he was sporting the black Casio G-Shock G-2900, a practical watch boasting ten-year battery life.

Dwayne Johnson — G-SHOCK DW-9052

If you’ve noticed, you’ll see in the movie ‘Empire State’ that Dwayne Johnson is sporting the durable G-SHOCK DW-9052, a watch that will withstand nearly any impact. This G-SHOCK has never looked so good with a complete 200M WR, shock resistant, 24-hour stopwatch and countdown timer, and a black resin band digital watch with a black face. It’s not a minimalistic design watch.

John Mayer — Casio Twin Graph

If you’ve followed John Mayer’s extensive watch collection, you’d know that the Casio Twin Graph is his childhood favourite. This epic watch of the 1980s is one of the rarest and most iconic Casio watches ever made. The bottom panel features the hour, minute and second; the top left panel has the analogue display of time. Most of the dial is used to display time. Below the second circle is the date. The two-round displays are used as alarms and countdown timers.

Serena Jameka Williams — Casio Databank model

The famous American tennis player was sporting the Casio Databank model, CA53W-1. It’s the classic 10-key pad calculator for the convenience of an 8-digit calculator on your wrist, with an LCD display making figures easily readable.

Tom Cruise — Casio DW290–1V

We’ve not seen one person who doesn’t like the spy-action film series Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise’s finesse, his bold moves paired with a rugged, headstrong personality, can only go so well with one brand of watch, Casio. Look closely at the ‘Magic Trick’ scene and Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) sporting the Casio DW-290. We’re talking classic digital Casio watch bringing features like the 1/100 second stopwatch, split time, calendar, alarms and a 200- meter water resistance rating. It can’t get more classic than this.

Gerard Butler — Casio G-SHOCK Gulfman G 9100–1

Gerard Butler in Olympus Has Fallen (2013) sports a Casio G-SHOCK Gulfman G9100–1. You couldn’t pick a better watch for all the action- we’re talking Gerard Butler dodging rockets, bullets and combat. It’s tough, shock-resistant, rust and 200 meters water resistant too!

Pro-Point: It also gives you moon data and a tide graph to know the tide (if you’re into that).

Tiger Shroff — Brand Ambassador for Casio India G-SHOCK

A couple of years ago, Casio India announced Tiger Shroff as the brand ambassador of G-SHOCK India. Pretty fitting, if you ask us. G-SHOCK accurately reflects his challenging personality- representing toughness, sporty attitude, and a style quotient all in one watch and one person.

Bill Gates — Casio Sports MDV106–1A

Bill Gates splurges on a watch? Think again- Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, doesn’t need a multiple digit price tag to show the world his status- on the contrary- he’s appeared on television sporting a Casio Sports MDV106–1A, or customarily called ‘Marlin’. Known as an everyman’s watch, it’s simple, reliable, and efficient. The stainless steel case is durable, and the 3-hand analogue design is simple and as classy as they come, with 200 meters of water resistance and a rubber strap.

Casio timepieces are a timeless, practical investment that is super-affordable. We’re seeing influencers and celebrities style more rubber straps and plastic cases, which are more durable and functional. These are undeniably Casio.

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